Relevant at Any Size: Do A Good Job and Be Kind

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I’ve long been a believer in giving a lot of focus to the little things in life. This post is once again brought to you by the little things in life. In this case, a simple Facebook post where our library was trying to sell an unused office chair for $5 (we sold it!) turned into something more that was just so very kind. What a great comment to receive and in such an unexpected place.

Doing a good job is not a one time thing, it is never-ending. When we approach every action (big or small) that we take in our libraries with kindness and positivity the rewards can be seen everywhere. A positive and kind community is one that is moving forward in the world. The library can be the place in every community that promotes kindness and positivity. When we do that, we can have a bigger impact than we think we are having.

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