Gardiner Public Library: February 2022

Every month we are required to write a department report for our local city council (at our library we are a mix, part city department/part nonprofit). I like writing these reports because, well first off I like writing, and second because they give me a chance to recall and reflect upon the things the library has done that month.

Too often I forget about a lot of these things, and even more so I get down on myself for “not doing enough”. Doing these reports helps me remember what we’ve done, what we’re doing, and that we are actually accomplishing a lot with very little. I’ll do my best to post these here as much as possible. Enjoy if this is your thing.

Here are links to past installments of this series:

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  1. Hi Justin! We gave up on Better World Books because the return was zero, but now send some of our weeded books to Baker & Taylor for a credit. Just wanted to give you an FYI. Looking good!

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