#teenlibrarymakestuff program

Artwork by Portland Public Library Teen Aprille Marie

One of my favorite things that happened this summer was the #teenlibrarymakestuff program that was a collaboration between my library and the Darien Library in Connecticut.

The program had a rather simple setup:

This summer submit your drawings, sculptures, photos, comic sketches, paintings, and more to the Darien Library/ Portland Public Library Tumblr art display depository. Darien Library and Portland Public Library in Portland, Maine are joining forces in this virtual teen art show.  Share your works with other teens from around New England.  Just simply bring us your art and we’ll photographic it into a curate-tion sensation!

I’m happy with the final results from the program.  It’s great to see neat, original stuff put together by teens.  At my library, we have these works up on our digital signs.  This allows us to take the submissions from this program and put them out into a never ending art show.

Visit the Portland Public Teen Library Tumblr here
Visit the Darien Library Teen Tumblr here 

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