Megan Emery, Welcome to Chattanooga!

One huge thing that I’ve learned in the last five months at the Chattanooga Public Library is that when you have an amazing team working in your library that you can accomplish anything.  The staff at the Chattanooga Public Library have always been awesome (see here and here) and things just keep getting better.  We recently hired Megan Emery, an amazing tween and teen librarian from Lewiston, Maine to help us on our journey towards being the destination for ages 0-18 in Chattanooga.  I’ll turn it over to


I’m so happy to announce that we’ve hired Megan Emery to join us at the Chattanooga Public Library.  Megan will be working as a Library Assistant II on The 2nd Floor, helping out with tween and teen programs and all generally awesome things happening on The 2nd Floor of the Downtown Chattanooga Public Library.

Megan come to us from the Lewiston Public Library in Lewiston, ME, where she’s had amazing success with events such as Star Wars Reads Day and the amazing Teen Opportunities Fair just to name a few.  Megan adds even more excitement to The 2nd Floor at an already exciting time as we begin re imagining The 2nd Floor to best meet the needs of kids, tweens, and teens in Chattanooga.

 Welcome to Chattanooga, Megan!  See you soon!

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  1. I met Megan at one of our digital literacy regional meetings and have been carrying her business card in my wallet because I was so impressed. Good luck in her new position.

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