A Day In The Life (Web Shorts Volume 3)

Head on over to Information Today this afternoon and be sure to check out A DAY IN THE LIFE PART WEB SHORTS, PART 3. This time around I got to chat with some really great people whose work is so very inspiring to me: Jane Cowell, Alejandra Quiroz Hernández, Jan Holmquist, Jessica Hilburn, and Meg Backus. I hope you enjoys these web shorts. If you’re curious about the full interviews, you can find those in Information Today if you subscribe (please note: I work as a freelance writer for Information Today and in no way do I get any cut of anything if you subscribe).

If you’d like to be interviewed for a future installment of A DAY IN THE LIFE send me an email and let’s have a chat. Have a nice day and as always thank you for reading.

For more, check out the first two installments:

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