LOL: Lunch On The Lawn Local Music Series

For the past few years we’ve been hosting a spring/summer local music series at our library that has come to be called LOL: Lunch on the Lawn. The name for the program came was created by another staff member who was using it as a catch all for library events that happened on our front lawn during lunchtime. After that employee left, some of those outside events left as well but there was still the drive to have something happening outside and on our front lawn. It’s a great location where lots of traffic walks by, and the space begs for some spring and summer events to be held there to bring people into the library.

The idea to take the LOL: Lunch on the Lawn name and apply it to performances by local musicians was an easy one. The name for the event is such a great name and combining it with my passion for local arts & music made perfect sense and worked out really well. One of my longstanding beliefs with public libraries is that they’re about so much more than the physical materials they house and loan out…they’re also the way the community connects with everything in the world, including their own neighbors, the arts & music around them, and more. Almost every community has their own version of an arts & music scene and my hope with this local music series was to connect that scene to everyone else through the center of the community, the public library.

This year is our fourth year of the program and I am glad we are doing it once again. I like the slate of musicians and artists that we have performing at the shows this year and I think the community will enjoy them as well.

Are any of you librarians out there hosting any kind of regular local music events? If so, I’d love to hear about them and how they are working out for you. Please share in the comments or send me a message to justinthelibrarian at gmail dot com. Have a nice day and as always thank you for reading.

Here are the images for our past LOL: Lunch on the Lawn events.

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