“Librarians facing new tasks say crisis isn’t in the catalog” by Ali Swenson

Read the full article here: https://www.apnews.com/ae0e76071cbc49bd844163bf7617cc8a

If you have a moment today give Ali Swenson’s article Librarians facing new tasks say crisis isn’t in the catalog a read. I think it’s a great snapshot of the work being done in public libraries in America at this moment and it brings up a lot of great discussion around mental health, social work, Narcan, and more in public libraries. I also really appreciate how there’s a lot of discussion on the topic of stress for public librarians and the need for more training around these topics. This is definitely a topic public librarians need to be discussing and thinking about as we change and move into this new era in public libraries.

full disclosure: I chatted with Ali on the phone for this article and am quoted in it.

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