Benson Memorial Library Story Time Room Renovation

Started in late 2018 and completed in 2019, the Story Time Room renovation at the Benson Memorial Library was funded by the Fleming Family Foundation and all work was done by Sampson Plumbing and Heating.

Before this renovation, our story time room was dark, the entire room was damp, and the walls and carpet showed major signs of wear, tear, and dirt. The goal with this project was to remove as much dampness from this space as possible and to also give it an updated, more friendly look. The renovations that took place were as follows:

  • Install a drainage system in between the old north facing wall and a new wall, leading to a sump pump in the adjacent storage room.
  • Remove all old carpeting and flooring and replace it with a flooring that did not hold in moisture and could be easier cleaned.
  • Fix any issues with the walls and paint the walls to a brighter color.
  • Work with students or a local artist to create a mural to make the space more family friendly (coming in late 2019/early 2020)

As I write this post, I have less than two weeks left at the Benson Memorial Library before my family and I move over to Wellington, New Zealand where I will begin work at the Wellington City Libraries. It feels great to leave this community having this project be the last big one to be completed. An updated, clean, and welcoming story time room is a great thing for this community to have. I’m glad I helped make that happen.

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